What Is TEchnoXL ?

Caring for the environment is the responsibility of all individuals, families, companies, cities, and countries. As the threat of global warming increases every year, everybody needs to take active steps to reduce greenhouse emissions and focus on sustainability. Technoxl Greens has been urging and encouraging entrepreneurs to turn into eco-preneurs for over three decades in India. Our core business is to convert environmentally beneficial technology & science into green products and services for industrial and consumer applications. For carrying this mission forward we depend heavily on the talents, perseverance and integrity of both our team members and our worldwide network of business associates.

We have the most appropriate,technologically superior wood seasoning solution to offer, so far un-available in the country. Technoxl's seasoning kiln's technical specifications vary significantly from the conventional kilns. It is fully automatic, far more effective and environment friendly.

We seek your Participation with respect to your orbit of influence & authority, to encourage SMLEs / CFCs / Artisans /Clusters etc. to impact their productivity /quality through the Technoxl's Green Technologies.

To give you a better idea about superiority of TX’L absolutely eco-friendly Electrically operated Wood Seasoning Kilns viz-a-viz conventional fuel based conventional seasoning kilns : the infallible features / comparison between the TX’L conventional technology are highlighted in the attached Annexure for your kind perusal.

Technoxl is known engineering company that has been working with some of the leading & successful organizations in the country for about three decades including a few renowned private companies and govt. sector undertakings.

Technoxl Greens is a wholly owned subsidiary of Technoxl Inc.,USA.

Our Team

We are a team of well experience ane well qualified professionals.


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